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Freshman Forgiveness

By now, most of you have gotten a feeling of how well you’re doing in your classes this semester. And some of you might be panicking about the fate of your grade, especially now that Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. No one wants to have to tell grandma that they’re not doing so well in a class.

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Fortunately, there is an option available to make sure that your GPA isn’t affected! Freshman forgiveness is only applicable to freshmen—hence the name—and its rules are fairly simple. Full-time, part-time, and WMP students can apply for freshman forgiveness for any two classes they take during their first two semesters at AU that resulted in a grade of C- or lower. All you have to do is retake the class within a full calendar year or when it’s next offered.

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If you’re worried that you won’t pass the class the second time around, make sure to look on ASAC’s website to see if they have any tutoring services they can offer you! It is important to note two things: 1. That not every class can be repeated with freshman forgiveness, and 2. The grade you first received for the class the first time around will remain on your transcript, but the second grade you receive will be factored into your GPA.

But if you’re serious about utilizing freshman forgiveness, talk to your academic advisor about it. They’ll be more than happy to help! And if you’re feeling bad about having to use it, just remind yourself that tons and tons of students at AU have utilized it! Now go out there and get some good grades!

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