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How to Boost Your Credits

Welcome to registration season! As you begin planning your classes for next semester, you’ll have a jumble of three and four credit classes that might not add up to the number of total credits you’re looking for.  Some AU scholarships require the completion of 30 credit hours for the academic year, and you might find yourself coming up a credit or two short.  Thankfully AU has some options to add a credit or two to your plan!


The Center for Community Engagement and Service offers the Community Service Learning Program (CSLP) for students interested in service learning. Participants complete 40 hours of community service in DC, connect what they learned while volunteering with one of their classes, and get an additional credit. CSLP is a pass/fail credit that can be added on to any class except SOC. The application for the program will be available at the beginning of the spring semester, and it is due before the last day of add/drop. Visit MGC 273 for more information and lists of great organizations where you can volunteer.

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There are a variety of one and two credit health and fitness classes that are offered every semester. These classes are a great break from lectures, and they ensure you get in your daily workout! From swimming and yoga to self-defense, there are tons of classes to choose from.


Microsoft Certification class

AU offers Microsoft Certification classes for several Microsoft programs, including Powerpoint and Excel. These certifications take place over a weekend, and are a great way to earn a credit! After taking the ITEC-200 prerequisite, you can register for the workshop of your choice.

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