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How to Make the Most Of A Class You Hate

How to Make the Most of a Class You Hate

It happens to everyone: you register for a class and lug your bookbag there and back for a few weeks, slowly realizing that this class is becoming the bane of you existence. Whether it’s content that confuses or bores you, a professor who you don’t vibe with, or an 8:10 start time that kills part of your soul every time the alarm goes off, here are some tips to get you through a class you hate.

  1. Visit ASAC for academic support

AU’s Academic Support and Access Center (located in MGC on the 2nd floor) offers a ton of resources for struggling students. Each semester they offer a boatload of academic workshops to help you with reading skills, studying, note taking, and time management. They also offer a writing lab, group workshops, tech support, and tutoring for a variety of classes like Econ, Bio, Chemistry, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, and more. If you’re struggling academically or feel the need to catch up, ASAC is the way to go.

2. Go to Office Hours

Every professor has office hours for the specific purpose of communicating with students. If you’re in a big lecture class, consider sending an email beforehand so they know you’re coming. Meeting one-on-one with a professor in their office is a much different experience than the stress of the classroom. Don’t go in expecting them to just give you whatever you want – think of it as working together with the professor to improve your experience. Weekly meetings are great if you can work in the time! If you’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed, write down what you want to talk about beforehand! Be open-minded, straightforward, and respectful in discussing your concerns and your meeting should go swimmingly.

  1. Gather up some study buddies

Make friends with the people who sit next to you, or find at least one other person in the class who you can study or do homework with. It’s always good to have a companion for tough or uninteresting subjects, and you know what they say….misery loves company 😉

  1. Don’t skip class!

As hard as it might be, don’t fall into a pattern of skipping class. Remember that you pay big bucks for every credit you take at AU, so don’t let your money go to waste! Many professors also have attendance requirements for grading, so skipping class could make your gpa fall as well.

  1. Be prepared

Preparing yourself for class by doing the readings and homework will help you engage with discussion or lecture. If you know what’s being talked about, you’ll be less likely to zone out or just sit there stewing.

  1. Come visit the peer advisors

The CAS academic advisors as well as the CAS peer advisors will always do our best to ensure you’re having the best possible experience at AU! We can offer advice for sticky situations as well as insight regarding life at AU.  Don’t be afraid to come to walk-in hours or make an appointment.


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