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How to Pick Classes for Next Semester

It’s almost time for registration, and with all the requirements and restrictions for courses, it might get a little confusing as you try to navigate through the process. Luckily, the CAS advising staff is here to help every step of the way!


The degree audit report and the “my progress” tab in eagle service are two helpful resources for figuring out what the heck you’re supposed to be doing. To check the my progress tab, go to: and login with your AU ID and password. Next, click the “student planning” box, and from there click “view your progress” to get to the “my progress” page.


Your “my progress” tab should look something like this. Here’s peer advisor Samantha’s for reference.

On this page, you will find a complete overview of the requirements for your major as well as a list of gen-eds in each foundational area. If you haven’t picked a major yet or are considering changing your major, you can click “view a new program” at the top of the page, and select whichever program you’re interested in. The page will update to show you the requirements for whatever major you’ve chosen. (Note that this action simply shows you what the requirements are – it does not declare this major for you).

The my progress page should also contain an overview of all the credits and courses you have completed thus far. It can help show you which gen-eds you need to finish and which introductory courses you should start taking for your major. Another great resource that can show you all these things is the degree audit report.

To access your degree audit report, visit and login with your AU ID and password. Next, click the “academics” drop down menu and select “Degree Audit Report.” It will prompt you to select a program before showing you the degree audit. You can either select the major you’ve declared or choose a new program to view if you want to look at the requirements for that. Again, this will only SHOW you the requirements and does not equate to declaration of a major. The degree audit will show you which gen-eds you have fulfilled as well as the requirements for your major. At the bottom, you can view a list of all your courses by semester as well as your grades.


Here’s a snapshot of the top of peer advisor Samantha’s degree audit report.

When you are ready to select your courses for next semester, go to and login with your AU ID and password. Click “student planning,” then click “plan your degree and register for classes.” Click the right arrow at the top of the page to get to the Spring 2017 Regular Term. From here, you can search for courses in the upper right hand search box. When you want to add a course to your plan, click “add course to plan.” Make sure it’s for a section being offered in the Spring semester! Once you have planned all your courses, you’re all set to go!


Here’s where you should be for planning next semester! This is peer advisor Samantha’s plan for next semester. 

Remember that freshmen MUST meet with their CAS academic advisor and complete a pre-registration blackboard course before getting clearance to register. Verify all your selections with an academic advisor, and you’ll be ready to click “register now” when the time comes!

You can always find degree requirements on the AU website, and you can always come talk to an academic advisor or faculty advisor for registration advice. Remember that the peer advisors are always here to help and offer feedback on your plans! If you have questions or need help navigating the system, don’t be afraid to come in for an appointment! Good luck.


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