CAS Peer advisors

Say Hello to the New Faces of CAS Peer Advising

While our new Peers are training, we figured this would be a great time to introduce you and let you learn a bit more about them before you schedule your freshmen interviews!


julia blog.jpgJulia Marrone is a senior psychology student in the combined program for a MA in Special Education: Learning Disabilities. She is a returning peer advisor and is extremely excited to act as Lead Peer Advisor this year! On campus, you may see Julia on the quad with her Sigma Kappa sisters or watching a show put on by AU Independent Arts Collective. In addition to Peer Advising, she currently works as a private tutor and has previously worked with AU Academic Support and Access Center and a nonprofit called BroadFutures. In her free time, Julia likes to  visit the Georgetown Waterfront and play with her cat named The Mama.

Advice to freshmen: “Time is a strange thing, but especially in college! At times, it can be really overwhelming to look to four years ahead before you are out of school and at other times you will feel like it’s flying by! In the sense of your academics, take things slow. I know you want to get out there and graduate as soon as possible, but make sure you are taking the time for your own academic and personal growth! When it comes to socializing, get out there and meet people quickly to avoid that discouraging FOMO feeling.”


IMG_0756.jpgSammie Paul is a sophomore majoring in Public Health and minoring in SIS. She is on the varsity track team at AU and loves running through DC. She is a Community Service Learning Program Leader and eats at Subway almost every day. Her favorite color is purple and she is beyond excited to be a peer advisor this year!

Advice to freshmen: “Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things! In school, take a funky class that’s different than anything you’ve ever done before. On the weekend, stop by a museum or restaurant that you’ve never been to before. I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself.”


samantha blog.jpg

Samantha Dumas is a junior from Massachusetts double majoring in Literature and American Studies with a minor in education. She likes to read and write poetry and puts these skill to use as the co-editor of AU’s arts magazine, AmLit. Her hobbies include vegan baking, makeup artistry, plotting the overthrow of the capitalist patriarchy, raising house plants, and watching reality TV.

Advice to freshmen: “My advice to first year students is to take it slow! You don’t have to come into school with your major or career path decided. Take the time during your first year to explore the wide range of programs AU has to offer and decide what feels best to you. Also, visit the Katzen museum! Looking at art is a great stress reliever and we have a world-class gallery right here on campus, so be sure to take advantage of it when you need a mini escape. ”


haleigh funny.jpgHaleigh is a senior studying history with a minor in law and society. In her spare time, she loves checking out new coffee spots around DC, going to concerts, and sleeping in. Catch her in club lib stressing over her senior thesis with a coffee in hand or with her brothers from Phi Alpha Delta.

Advice to freshmen: “I’d tell incoming freshmen to pick one on campus group or organization and stick with it for the entire year. It’s so important to make friends outside of your roommates and floor. Sometimes it can be difficult branching out and meeting new people, so clubs help make that process a little bit easier.”



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