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The Best Shows to Watch on Netflix for Studying


With finals coming up, everyone is going to be studying. And the library can become a pretty depressing place during the last week of classes and finals week. Keeping a good list of television shows on deck can not only keep stress at bay, but could also be some great background noise.

To be completely honest, this list is actually just the shows that I like and always go back for more watching. But I’ll try to give you good reasons for why you should watch them because, well, I love when people have the same interests as I do.



Weeds is a go-to for me. The episodes are only a half-hour each, which makes it easy to move through an entire season in a single day. The plot lines are great, the soundtrack is amazing, and the acting is genuinely impressive.

What makes the show great to study alongside is that it’s easy to keep up with and it’s funny – the bad thing is that you’ll get extremely emotionally attached to the characters and the show in its entire, so you might cry here and there. Then again, everyone is crying in the library during finals, so it’s fine.



I’m actually just getting into House myself. I’m on season 1, episode 5. And if I’m being honest, I’m not totally sure it’s the best show to watch when you’re trying to study now that I’m getting into it. The show is so good that it’s quite distracting. I also keep wondering how long it takes to write a single episode of this show considering how much medical information is crammed into, like, a single minute.

Bob’s Burgers


As one of those shows that you don’t have to really keep up with sequentially to enjoy, Bob’s Burgers is great for background noise for studying. Sometimes there really is nothing better than mindless television. And funny mindless television is even better.



Everyone can agree that Friends is a classic. Like Bob’s Burgers, it’s easy to keep up with – though, more sequential than the following. But you won’t want to miss an episode.

Parks and Recreation


The one thing that Parks and Rec has over maybe any other show other than Weeds is character development. The show is easy to keep up with but, like Weeds, you’ll get attached to the characters and their endeavors.

The Office


Who doesn’t love watching Michael Scott remind you that your life could be so much worse and your boss could be so much more irresponsible?



Oh my god, the plot lines! The characters! The surprises around every corner! This show is actually extremely distracting and probably better suited for post-finals.


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