#NewYearNewYou? More like #NewYearNewAU! To start off the new semester, the CAS Peer Advisors hit up TDR to ask students some tough questions about how they want to start the semester off on the right foot. Whether it was a change they hope to see on campus or within themselves, we asked students about their “new semester resolutions.” Check out the great responses we got!

Some students wanted a record-breaking semester for their academics…


Maybe these students should check out American’s Academic Support & Access Center, Math & Stat Lab, Writing Center, or Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition, & Research!

…while some were just looking at the light at the end of the Eagle’s Nest tunnel


Don’t forget to apply for graduation in time on Eagle Service!

A few students wanted to utilize all of the great resources AU has to offer…


Look at these smarties, taking advantage of what AU offers (and what they’ve already paid for, anyway!)

…but other students thought AU could step it up a little in some areas


What do we want? VEGGIES! When do we want them? FOR DINNER!

A lot of students expressed the need to see changes in AU’s tolerance and acceptance towards varying communities…


AU students are focusing on making sure everyone feels included, and I think that’s something we can all get behind! Don’t forget to visit for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion!

And even more wanted to see change specifically for Aramark workers!

IMG_0357IMG_0412 (1)IMG_0363IMG_0361IMG_0420 (1)IMG_0419 (1)

They work hard to clean, cook, and care for us, and they deserve so much respect. Thanks Aramark workers!

American University is filled with ambitious students who are ready to take on the new semester. A lot of awesome resources were mentioned in these photos. For more information about AU’s resources, please visit the links below or make an appointment with your Peer Advisor here.

Academic Support & Access Center – offers academic accommodations, tutoring services, study skill sessions, & more!

Center for Diversity & Inclusion – Great for those who would like to find a community of multicultural, LGBTQ+, or first-generation students!

Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition, & Research (CLEAR) – great for increasing foreign language skills!

Counseling Center – offers free therapeutic services for students!

Eagle Service – one-stop portal for registration, staying on track of requirements, and graduation!

Student Health Center – provides physical and psychiatric care for students (for a fee)!

Library – open 24/5!

Math & Stat Lab – offers free math tutoring!

Writing Center – make an appointment for help with papers!


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