What are the Peers’ Favorite Things to do in a DC Winter?


Welcome back! While it was definitely nice to have a month off from school, we are so excited to have everyone back on campus and for appointments to start up again. And finally being back on campus, you might be noticing that DC is much colder now than it was when you left it for winter break… and that you don’t particularly want to go monumenting in below freezing weather. 


Being from Hawaii I absolutely hate winters, just because its cold and I turn very pale. However being in DC does make it a little better, one of my favorite things to do during the winter is go to shows at 930 club or at U St. Music Hall. This semester I am really excited for Goldlink, Tinashe, and Wet. Besides the cool concerts here in DC, I also love going to coffee shops especially when they have ~wifi~ allowing me to be semi-productive when it comes to studying.


Honestly, I hate the winter weather so anything that involves being inside is good for me. I mean, it’s bad for me because I guess it’s good to be outside and whatever, but you know what I mean. I like going window shopping in Georgetown, sitting in coffee shops, watching Netflix marathons, and going to museums. You can always count on the museums to be temperature controlled and never have a draft.


I like going to a local bookstore. Politics & Prose is super easy to get to – you can take the M4 to Connecticut and Nebraska during the week from the Tenleytown shuttle stop, that way you can avoid walking. I also like going to Kramersbooks (accessible on any of the N buses to Dupont) to get some nice coffee or hot chocolate and read a book or catch up on homework.


The top of your list of things to do in DC in the winter should be the Sculpture Garden. It is surrounded by all of the museums and in the winter time frozen over for ice skating. You can buy tickets for a time slot for ice skating and then spend an hour wandering the Museum of Natural History or Museum of American History in the meantime. You do have to metro and walk a bit to get there, but bring along some friends and you can have a really fun outing!
Photo: Flickr commons

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