Monday Morning Advice: Dealing With the Cold Weather


Even though it’s called “spring” semester, we all know that it doesn’t actually start to get warm until probably April, and at that point we only have maybe two solid weeks of good weather before leaving for summer break. Let’s face it – spring semester is cold. And it’s only going to get worse from here.

Invest in really warm winter pieces.


I know this seems totally obvious, but it really is worth mentioning. It can be tough to gauge just how cold it’s going to be when you’re inside in the warmth scrolling through the weather. Then you get outside and totally didn’t realize that there’s wind blowing below freezing air straight into your face. Now your mouth is numb and you end up dealing with that one terrible song that comes on during your walk to class because you can’t even bear to think about taking your hands out of your pockets.

Get a really good hat, a really warm set of mittens (insulated, perhaps?), a cozy scarf, and some good winter boots. When I came to DC I figured I was totally prepared for the cold since I’m from Long Island, which is farther north and definitely has colder weather. What I forgot was that I’m actually outside a lot more in DC because I’m walking everywhere and waiting for buses – not running from my house to the car and my car to my destination.

Find a favorite coffee shop off campus.


Okay, yes, there’s a Starbucks on campus and the Dav is great when there aren’t a ton of people there, but there’s something really nice about getting off campus to study or hang out with friends. There really are tons of places in DC that you can go and chill for hours inside so that you’re nice and warm.

Kramersbooks and SoHo Tea & Coffee are in Dupont and right near the bus stop for the N4 and N6. They’ve got food and coffee, so you could chill there forever. The Bean Counter is right on Wisconsin Ave on the way to Georgetown.

Use the winter as an excuse to have tons of movie marathons.


I mean, why not, right?


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