What the Peers Wish They Knew Their Freshman Year


Can you believe that fall semester is coming to a rapid close? We’re having a difficult time believing it ourselves. As we move into the spring semester, we in the peer advising office have been thinking about what advice would be helpful to give our students as they move into their second semesters of college. 

Stick with the major you fall in love with.


I wish I knew that your major can literally be whatever you want to study. At the beginning of freshman year, I was intending to be a double major in Literature and Studio Art, but I was so concerned with getting a job that I was stressing myself out over the classes that I really enjoyed taking, and thought I should be taking more “practical” courses in more “practical” majors. Eventually I realized that as a college student, I had four years in front of me to study whatever it was that I wanted, and these “useless” majors exist for a reason – there’s clearly some usefulness associated with them. Once I stuck with the majors that I fell in love with, I was a lot happier, and actually a lot less stressed.

Grace Cassidy, ’16

Take a step back and breathe.


As a freshman, I forgot to just take a step back and breathe. I was so stressed about getting everything done, and I think I would have felt much better and maybe even performed better on tests if I took some more time to relax and get adequate sleep. Especially during finals for the first semester, I wish I had planned ahead of time with all the projects and exams.

Cecilia Bouska, ’18

Things will fall into place.



Don’t sweat the small stuff. I spent all of freshman year worrying about a four-year plan, what jobs I could get in my major, and how I’d be able to find extracurriculars that would look good on my resume. Those things are all important, but if you stress yourself out about them before you can actually accomplish anything towards those goals, you will set yourself for trouble. Instead, try to acclimate yourself to campus and join clubs simply because you think they’re fun. The rest will fall into place as you take more classes and open yourself up to more experiences.

Julia Marrone, ’17

Be more open-minded.


If I could have a conversation with my freshman self, I would tell myself to be more open-minded. Coming in to college, I had a four-year plan and a two-year plan after college, and because I already had a plan in mind I was reluctant when it came to switching majors. I would also encourage my self to get more involved and maybe even take a dance class.

Makaila Akahoshi, ’17


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