The Best Places to Relax on Campus


American University’s campus is absolutely beautiful. With the trees, the buildings, and the wonderful people that populate it, we’re really very lucky to have a variety of gorgeous things to look at all the time. But even with how visually appealing campus is, it can be a really stressful environment. 

Taking time to relax is an important aspect of being in college, but it’s also one of the first things to be forgotten about by students. A lot of the time, we fall into the trap of worrying that relaxing means we’re not being productive, but relaxing is actually a vital aspect to productivity. If we’re not taking time to recharge, we’re not going to be at full-energy when we need it the most: like during a test or writing a paper.

Yoga classes.


Bender and Cassell gyms have athletic classes that you can take. While they’re not part of your student gym membership, you can pay a couple bucks to attend a single class for when you really need it. There’s an unlimited group class option that you can purchase (I think it’s less than $100). It’s good for all semester, so you can attend any of the group classes.

Keep the rec sports policies in mind before purchasing or attending classes. And of course, check out the fall schedule, and keep an eye out for the spring schedule.

The Dav.


For those of you who just cannot relax in a perfectly quiet environment, the Dav is a good place to go. It’s always bustling but there’s never too much activity going on. Grab a cup of good tea and do your thing. Maybe that’s reading, maybe it’s people watching. The Dav is great for both of those things.

The library.

giphy (1).gif

Okay, it might seem really odd to say that the place where people do their homework, spend all night writing papers, and purchase massive amounts of coffee until they get jitters as a spot to chill out and relax, but it has really helped me to relax. The silent floor is dead silent, which makes curling up with a good book perfect.

Oh, and the Archive Reading Room is amazing because pretty much no one ever goes in there, and you’re totally welcome to just dig around and look at old AU newspapers.




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