Thanksgiving Packing Tips


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’d by lying if I didn’t say that I’m always shocked at how quickly the holiday comes. After Thanksgiving is over, we’ve got maybe a week and a half before finals are completely over and we can go home again for winter break. 

That being said, Thanksgiving kind of comes at a terrible time in the year. We get a week off from school right when we need to be doing the most homework, and right when we’re probably being assigned the most papers. For this reason, it’s super important during this time of year that you do your absolute best to not fall behind on your schoolwork.

But! You’re going home for a couple days! And it might be the first time that you’ve been home since coming to college this year. For many freshmen, this might be the longest time you’ve been away from home. How much are you supposed to pack? What are you really going to need? That’s what we’re here to help you figure out.


Bring dirty clothes home.

Not only will you not have to pack your clothes neatly, but by bringing home dirty clothes you’ll alleviate some of your laundry back at school. It might be tempting to bring home all your dirty clothes just so you don’t have to pay a couple bucks and deal with your dorm floor’s laundry room, but just bring what you need.

I know you’ve probably heard it before, but by figuring out your outfits before you pack, you’ll make it a whole lot easier on yourself to only pack exactly what you need. If you aren’t sure, you might end up over-packing, which could make travel really annoying. And of course, there are about a million things online about to how pack a bag more efficiently.

Only bring the school supplies home that you know you’ll need.

If there’s one thing I really hate bringing home, it’s my laptop. It’s heavy, annoying to have in my backpack, and honestly I always end up using my family computer anyway.

If you know that you don’t necessarily need your laptop or a textbook, try not to bring it. But email yourself any word documents that you might need from your computer! The last thing you’d want to do is re-write an entire paper that you had half-way finished.

Scan the readings from your textbooks.

If you have heavy textbooks you need to read, scan the pages in the library and save it to your student email Google drive. This will alleviate a ton of weight from your backpack, and make travelling a breeze.

Think ahead.

You might have left a lot of clothes back home, which might make packing now a lot easier.

Or, you might want to bring things home for winter break to alleviate the packing that you’ll need to do next month.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

The peer advisors are wishing you a great Thanksgiving!

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