Monday Morning Advice: Paying Attention in Class

Male sleeping with students sitting in the college lecture hall

With the end of the semester drawing near, it may seem like every morning is tougher and tougher to get up and drag yourself to class. But what’s even more difficult is being able to stay attentive once you’ve gotten there. With about a million papers that still need to be written, finals to study for, and worrying about not getting into the classes you want, using class time to sleep or scroll through Facebook might seem tempting – but it’s vital during this time of year to keep alert. 

Don’t press the snooze button.

Sure, ten more minutes in bed might not have a detrimental impact on your morning shower, but by continuously pressing the snooze button for just a couple more minutes of sleep you’re greatly impacting your sleep schedule. And it will likely make you feel more groggy. When you have a good morning, you’re getting the day off to the right start.

Set your alarm on the other side of the room so you’re forced to get out of bed. And wear warm clothes to bed so that you’re still warm when you get up. That way you’re not tempted by the warmth of your comforters.

Don’t bring distractions with you to class.

If you know you won’t be tempted by the depths of the internet and you do well with taking notes on your computer, then by all means, take your computer with you. But if you know that you get distracted by it easily, keep it in your backpack – or, better yet, your dorm. Leave your phone in your backpack (it’s rude to be on your phone in class anyway), and only take the materials that you absolutely need for class.

Do the readings beforehand.

It may seem obvious to tell you to do your homework, but with college professors not assigning homework every night or checking over your shoulder to make sure you’re completing the assignments, it can be easy to fall behind on the readings. If you do the readings beforehand, you’ll be more likely to participate actively.

Make your class schedule accordingly.

If I can, I’ll always take morning classes because that’s when I’m most attentive. By the time mid-afternoon rolls around, I’m a goner. Think about the time of day your class is at when you’re making your class schedule.

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