Microwave Meals You Can Make in Your Dorm Kitchen

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It’s starting to get chilly, so you’ve probably loaded up on ramen noodles and Easy Mac so you can eat without having to venture outside. But, unfortunately life gets pretty dull when you’re eating the same thing day in and day out, so use your dorm kitchen to your advantage! You’d be surprised by how many yummy recipes require just a few ingredients and kitchen tools without breaking the bank. 



Did you know you can make eggs in the microwave and it’s totally safe? I was a little skeptical at first myself, but it totally works. I scramble some eggs, pour them in a mug, and add any other fix-ins to make a quick omelette.

Make it healthier: Separate the yolks to make an egg white omelette and stick to veggies as the fix-ins.

Suggested recipe: Margherita Mug Eggs

Baked Potatoes


I always thought of baked potatoes as a side dish, but with the right ingredients, they can be satisfying as a meal all on their own.

Make it healthier: Substitute the baked potato for a sweet potato and use an unsalted butter and veggies as your toppings. With the healthier option, I like to add some bell peppers to give the flavor a little more pop.

Suggested recipe: Microwave Baked Potato

Hot dogs


Everyone knows hot dogs can be made in the microwave, but hot dogs can get real boring real quick. Here’s a fun twist – wrap hot dogs in tortilla and put toppings on top for a new type of flavor.

Make it healthier: Opt for an alternative of the traditional pork or beef hot dog. Hot dogs can be made from chicken or tofu. Just make sure to watch your soy intake if you’re going meatless.

Suggested recipe: Hot Dog Roll Up

Apple-Pumpkin Pie (uhm, yes?)


This dessert is absolutely amazing. It would require a little extra planning at the grocery store, but once you have all the ingredients, making this delicious plate of heaven is a fun way to spend a rainy day with friends!

Make it healthier: Use Stevia instead of sugar or artificial substitutes. But it’s dessert. Treat yo’ self.

Suggested recipe: Apple and Pumpkin Dessert

For more awesome microwave recipes, BuzzFeed always knows what’s up.

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