8 Reasons to Attend Class Right After Midterms


Thinking about skipping your first Monday class because you just finished that test? It has been a long couple of weeks, so maybe sleeping in instead sounds intriguing. Still, you don’t want to set yourself up for stress in the future by missing important information that you can only get in class. 

You’re teacher loves it (or maybe just expects) when students come to class.



Even if they don’t take attendance, they can often tell when there are students missing especially if you all sit in similar seats each day. The professors are showing up and giving you their time, so you should return the favor and do the same.

You are paying to attend these classes. Each class costs an arm and a leg.

large (1)


Seriously, don’t calculate how much each class costs. Its painful, but do think about how you are paying for this education, so hopefully that means you want to be here.

You can learn so much in class!


If nothing else, the class may add to your random collection of facts to pull out on trivia night.

Motivate yourself with something social.


Your friends are around campus doing things, which means you can see them before class, after class, maybe even during class if they’re taking the same one. You can grab lunch with them or just catch up on the way to your classes.

There may be a pop quiz today.


If you are ever stressing about a pop quiz, imagine how much worse you would do if you hadn’t shown up at all!

Going to class means you don’t have to play catch-up.


I don’t know about you, but catch up is the worst game I have ever played. Even when I am not playing catch up, I feel behind, so skipping class will only exacerbate that.

New people who may become your friends are in your classes.


Who doesn’t want to be taking classes with awesome people you can laugh with? Well, maybe not during class, but you can laugh with them after class about your inside jokes from class.

Waking up means you can go to TDR, and TDR has an omelet station. What more could you want from life?

giphy (1)

The line may be long, but it is always there for you. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


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