Confidence and Coffee: What Makes the Peers Confident?

confidence and coffee

Thank you all for coming to our Confidence and Coffee event this week! If you missed the event, we chatted about things that make us confident, things that deflate our confidence, and how to boost your confidence both short-term and long-term. And of course, we drank some coffee! For college students, being confident is an important aspect of student life. A good attitude can make all the difference. 

A number of things in college can deflate your confidence – especially for freshmen. Being in a new environment, having to figure out how to balance new responsibilities, having a heavier workload, trying to make a completely new set of friends from the ones you had in high school and even the different foods that you’re eating can all relate to your level of confidence. If you’re feeling like you’re having a terrible time making friends, you might not be as in of good of a mood, and if you’re not in a good mood, you might not be as motivated to do your homework.

It can be hard to wake up in the morning and talk yourself into being confident, but there are actually a lot of short term things that you can do to boost your mood and get you feeling better.

Something quick you can do to boost your confidence is a power-pose! At the event, students showed off their power poses. You could also wear cologne or perfume, take a selfie that makes you feel good, getting yourself ready in the morning, wearing something that makes you feel good, or listening to music with a lot of bass can all make you feel powerful!

confidence power

It’s also important to practice long-term habits that contribute to your overall health and well-being. Make sure you’re getting a good amount of sleep every night so you’re well-rested. Eating the right foods will give you the right energy. While it can be easy to eat the buffet-style pizza at TDR without your parents trying to get you to eat healthy at dinner time, food that is good for you will make you feel good, inside and out. In addition, stress can also make us under-eat. Be conscious of your nutritious choices. Finally, exercising releases endorphins! These are little chemicals in your body that make you feel happy, act as a natural pain-reliever, and all-around boost your confidence.

Check out what the peers have to say on staying confident:


My friends and I have all struggled with major confidence issues. Instead of focusing on the past problems, we try to raise each other up. If I’m feeling down, I know I can go to one of my best friends and get a compliment or some reassurance. Having a support system is really important to me, so it means a lot to be able to count on my friends and that they can count on me.


I’m a really disorganized person, but not staying on top of my work and not knowing what I have coming up for school can really deflate my confidence. Knowing ahead of time how I should be scheduling my time makes me feel great about my schoolwork. In addition, getting up in the morning and getting myself ready makes me feel incredibly confident. I’m a morning person, so having time in the morning and knowing that I can take my time to do my hair and enjoy my first cup of coffee sets my day up really well.


What makes me confident? When I’m not rushed in the morning and I take the time to get ready I feel confident. When I look put together I feel put together.


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