How to ~Midterm~


So the first half of the semester is over, and midterms are here.  Below are a few tips and tricks for midterms~

Pick the prime study location

Go to a location that helps you study. If you find that you can’t function in the library, or that the lights hurt your eyes after 6 hours, try a different location.  Sometimes being in a different environment is refreshing.  The Perch, SIS, and McKinley are all great options.  And, surprise! The Perch has ~COFFEE~

unnamed (1)

Crack the books

Browse through and scan the chapters, look over your notes, print out the power point slides from class, look up sample questions online, make flash cards and USE them, rewrite your notes, read your rough drafts out loud when writing papers, etc. These are all very good study habits. Find what works for you!

Don’t stress!

This is easier said than done, especially when you have 4 midterms and it feels like you have no time for anything.  If you begin to stress out take a few deep breaths in and out, drink some tea, massage your temples, go for a run, etc. Do whatever helps you relax.

Love yourself

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and that you are eating. Although it may seem that you don’t have enough time to sleep make sure you get those 8 hours, and don’t skip out on breakfast 🙂

Get off Facebook

Facebook is such a big distraction and very time consuming. If you feel like you are checking the Buzzfeed Facebook page every 5 minutes, taking quizzes on whether you’re more a Miranda or a Samantha, or watching videos, try using Self Control. This application temporarily blocks the webpage.

I know that as a millennial it may feel odd not being able to check your social media, but with self control it allows you to study without the temptation of scrolling through your timeline.

~Here’s the self control app, for when you don’t have self control~

Use your resources

Go to the writing center, or the math lab, or arrange tutoring sessions through ASAC. If you find that you are struggling, there are resources right here on campus, so you might as well use them!

Attend (or coordinate) study sessions

If your class has study sessions go to it and make sure that you prepare questions to ask the TA. If your class does not have a study session go to the office hours.  Office hours are a great time to ask the professor or TA any questions that you may have.

Stay confident in yourself


Photo: Pixabay


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