What To Do in DC Now That It’s Getting Cooler


Summer is a great time of year for the beautiful city that we live in – there’s always a patch of grass to sit on, street vendors in Eastern Market to shop from, and monuments to see. And while it sometimes seems like the summer will never end in DC, autumn is definitely on its way, and the city definitely gets chilly.



When I first came to DC, I was so excited to go to museums but no one ever wanted to go with me. Part of that is because we always know that the museums is going to be there in a week or a month or a year and there isn’t as immediate of a need to go to them the way there is concerts at 9:30 Club or fun pizza events at Comet Ping Pong.

But museums are pretty amazing, and they can be just as enjoyable with a friend as they are by yourself. My favorite museum is the National Museum of Women in the Arts, but the National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of African Art, and the National Museum of American History are all great choices, too.

Check out some restaurants.


Sure, you might not want to have the outdoor seating that you would in the summer, but the fall is a great time to check out some amazing restaurants. Plus, fall-inspired menus are the #bomb.

My favorite restaurants are the Madhatter, Chef Geoff’s (obviously!), The Diner (Adams Morgan), and for coffee I love SoHo Tea & Coffee on P Street in Dupont.



What could possibly be better than strolling through a book store for your next leisure read in your plaid scarf and leather boots? Nothing.

Some favorites are Kramersbooks & Afterwords Café in Dupont, Second Story Books (also in Dupont), Books for America (Dupont), Idle Time Books in Adams Morgan, and Capitol Hill Books in Eastern Market.

Read a book.


The cold weather is a great excuse to sit inside your dorm, not talk to anybody, close the blinds, and snuggle up with that great book that you just got from Kramers.

Farmers’ markets.


Yes, anything outdoorsy is probably easier to do in the warm weather. But fall is the perfect season to still do the outdoors things that you love to do before it’s too cold.

In fact, I’d personally rather go to the farmer’s market during the fall, where I won’t be sweating outside waiting in line for my veggies to be weighed. As long as you’ve got the right jacket, the crisp air can be really refreshing – along with those apples you just got.

Host your own Netflix marathon.

giphy (1)

Yes, watching Netflix for hours on end every weekend can leave you feeling groggy and unproductive. But every once in a while, it can be the best thing to just sit with some friends in your floor’s lounge and watch all the documentaries you’ve ever had on your list.

I’m currently really into watching creepy documentaries in light of the approaching Halloween. The Nightmare has been especially terrifying, but some good ones are also Cropsey and The Imposter.

Photo: Flickr


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