Monday Morning Advice: Make Your Study Sanctuary


Okay, so let’s get this out of the way here – studying can be a real drag. If any student ever told you that there was nothing they would rather do than study all the time, 24/7, I would definitely question how honest they’re being. Sometimes students love studying – when we’re really interested in a topic, we will often enthusiastically read and engage with the material. But we all have those days where our favorite professor assigned us a seriously cool homework assignment that we just can’t muster the energy to accomplish. 

This is all fine. This is what makes you a human student, as opposed to a robot student.

The space that you study in can have a big impact on your study habits. And your study habits have a big impact on your homework, tests, and projects. So… basically, the right study space can make a real difference in the grade you get. Some people can study anywhere, any time. But, for those of you who can’t do that, making your study space a sanctuary can be super helpful.

Your study sanctuary can be anywhere! It could be personalized in your dorm or you could find your happy place in the library. Wherever it is, find it, love it, and never tell anyone about your perfect little spot.

Avoid distractions.

One of the biggest issues students may find in studying on their bed or in their friend’s dorm room is that there are a ton of distractions. The ideal study space has a good balance of comfort and control. Some people may not get distracted by their Netflix tab (bless), but many people will. Other students need a desk with literally nothing on it other than their course materials.

Understand how you study.

Do you like listening to music? Do you need total silence? Do you need to get everything done at once or take breaks every ten minutes? Test out different strategies and find which one you’re most comfortable with, and which one you notice gets the most work done efficiently.

Have your supplies ready!

There’s nothing worse than searching far and wide for your favorite black retractable pen.

Consider the surrounding area.

I’m personally very distracted by smells more than sounds. You wouldn’t find my study space anywhere near the common area kitchen or the Mudbox where people can eat egg sandwiches at their pungent leisure. Think about the environment your study space is in as a whole.

Have snacks at the ready, but maybe not within immediate reach.

Snacks are an essential part to studying! Working out isn’t the only way you exert energy. You have to keep your body fueled appropriately with great foods that are good for you. Though, snacks can also be distracting. Keep them on hand, but not so close that you begin mindlessly munching on away on your plantain chips.

Photo: Pixabay


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