Monday Morning Advice – Waking Up Earlier


With the semester finally underway, you may be finding that getting up for that 8:55 am class is a lot harder than you had expected it to be when you were registering for classes over the summer. When I came to college, I figured 8 am would be nothing compared to the hour that I was waking up for high school — but in high school I wasn’t staying up until midnight finishing homework, or hanging out with friends late into weeknight mornings. Suddenly, waking up early was really tough, even for a morning person.

While a lot of people would rather wake up ten minutes later than have their outfit perfectly ironed (and I can’t blame those people), waking up a little bit earlier to avoid rushing can be extremely satisfying and can help get your day off to the right start. In addition to not being late for class, waking up early has a ton of benefits for both your academic life and your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Train yourself to wake up at the same time every day

This one is tough, but it’s probably the most efficient way to get up earlier for your Monday morning classes. If you’re trying to get your body to get up earlier, it will help if your body is accustomed to waking up for that time. It can be hard to resist sleeping in on the days that you have later classes, but it will be helpful to get up as if you have early morning classes, even on the days you sleep in.

So, let’s say you have an 8:55 on Mondays and Thursdays, but you don’t have class until 11:45 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Train your body so that you’re still waking up as if you have that 8:55 every day of the week.

Get some quality shut eye

Getting enough sleep so that you won’t dread waking up is probably the most important component to having a better morning. And do your best to give yourself the best sleep that you can.

Set a limit for how much time you’ll spend in the library. Yes, schoolwork is important, but also remember that if you don’t get the sleep you need, you won’t be as focused in your classes. You can do all the homework you want, but class time and participation are also vital pieces to your education.

Give yourself something to be excited for

If you only see your mornings as the time you have to get up for class, you’re going to hate waking up – and hating it is going to make doing it a lot more difficult. Change your perspective on your mornings.

Some things that help me get excited for the morning is prepping my coffee the night before, planning out an amazing breakfast for myself (egg white omelettes with feta cheese, heaven is a place on earth with you), or picking out an outfit that I love and feel confident wearing.

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