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Why did you choose AU? If your reasons don’t already include “location, location, location,” you might want to expand the list. Experiential learning – aka everything that happens outside of the classroom – is recognized more and more as an integral part of your degree (And AU’s metropolitan setting is the perfect situation). Want to dive in to DC’s cool, educational waters? Register for a community-based course.

Professorial Highlights

Our professors are hungry…for knowledge…

Last week, AU School of Education, Teaching, and Health professional lecturer Dara Ford joined the Kojo Namadi show for a discussion on intolerance of a prevalent part of American life – gluten.

How did we get so bread-obsessed? American Studies assistant professor Katharina Vester gave the guys of Back Story a history lesson on a weight-loss program published in 1863, and the relationship between diets and economic and social issues.

Want more info on AU’s professors? Check out AU Newsmakers for weekly updates.

Arts and Sciences – Online!

Don’t worry whether your major lines up with your dream career…

because even doctors need to be well rounded. An NPR blog highlights a new admissions program at Mount Sinai that replaces the MCAT with Melville: “science is the foundation of an excellent medical education, but a well-rounded humanist is best suited to make the most of that education.”

because all the world’s a stage. The NYT profiles Joel Benenson whose degree in theater from Queens College serendipitously lead him to his career as a political strategist and the opportunity to mega-influence President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Turns out that “understanding of the rhythm and nuance of language” is “as useful as any fluency in statistics or political science.”


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