The 9 Stages of Registration


It’s that time of the semester again – the ever-dreaded time to register. Looking forward to the new semester (while simultaneously worrying about finishing this one off) comes with its ups and downs. Everyone knows that registration is both an awesome time and a terrible time. It’s exciting, but also stressful. 

Stage 1: Excitement


You’re super excited to look at official classes that will be offered next semester. After weeks of scrolling through the tentative schedule that you’re just expecting will change at any given moment, you’re ready to finally have a looksie at what’s going to be offered.

Stage 2: Trying to be realistic about things


You’re trying not to get your hopes up over classes that you really want. The classes that are really good are going to fill up – fast. So even though that class on pop culture that you’re pretty sure has something to do with the Hunger Games looks super great, you’re not exactly anticipating that it will be open come your registration date.

Stage 3: A moment of realization


After being accustomed to not getting your hopes up for classes and dealing with the fact that the whole student body registers for classes before you do, you almost completely forget that registration is happening in like, four days. And you haven’t even met with your advisor.

Stage 4: Panic


Forget the fact that you haven’t even looked at the courses offered since they became #official online, you don’t even know what gen eds you have left to take, and you have to get cleared for registration.

Then you remember that Peers in the Perch is happening, so you run to Centennial for a quick overview with the peer advisors.

Stage 5: Stress


You totally forget how to register on the portal. And how to check the enrollment of the classes. And just about everything else. With finals around the corner, you’re sufficiently stressed out, but thankfully the peers are helping you with figuring out how to do everything.

You found that you want to go over things one more time. You make an appointment with your peer advisor to help you figure all this stuff out. They help you make an appointment with your academic advisor. You feel a little bit better knowing which gen eds you have to take, but you’re still worried you won’t get into the ones you really want.

Stage 6: Impatience


It’s 11 pm on the night before you register, and you’ve got the schedule of classes open in one tab, your portal open in another, and Blackboard on the last. You spend the entire hour trying to occupy yourself while you wait for it to reach midnight so you can just get this over with.

And once the clock hits midnight, you’re ready to GO.

Stage 7: Concern


Of course, you’re not the only one trying to register at midnight. Most of the freshman class is doing the exact same thing. And of course, the server just cannot handle the amount of people and your computer will probably be running super slow. You worry that other students’ servers will somehow be faster than yours and that everyone will get the classes they want before you even have a change to get to the portal.

Stage 8: Relief


You hit the final “Register” button, and see everything fitting perfectly all together at once. You feel a lot better about things. Finally, you can get some rest.

Stage 9: Creeping on the roster


We’ve all done it – gone to Blackboard to see who would be in our classes, who we knew, who we kind of knew, who from Welcome Week would be there.

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