End of Semester Checklist


Now that spring break is over, the weather is changing, and midterms are crossing themselves off your syllabi, the rest of the semester is going to fly by before you know it. And if you’re anything like us, there’s a chance that there will be some things you forget to do, or that you’ll procrastinate on because you think you have way more time than you actually do. (After all, you’re only human.) 

We’re here to make sure you don’t forget all those really important things.

Check in with your professors.

If you haven’t gone to office hours yet this semester, it’s a good time to get that done. Around this time in the semester, you should have gotten some grades back and have a general idea of how you’re doing in your classes. But, it’s a good idea to talk with professors to see how you are doing in the class and if there are any places or ways that you can improve.

Get in those internship and job applications.

If getting an internship is something that you are trying to do for next year, this is around the time that applications are coming out for the fall, and  the time that applications for the summer are due. While you may have some time to get the actual application in, it might be a good idea to contact the internship office of the place you want to work for more information.

Finish up FAFSA and financial aid paperwork.

For returning students, the FAFSA is due May 1st. Try to get it done early so you’re not stressing out. And don’t forget to apply for private scholarships!

Attend those ASAC workshops you’ve been meaning to get to.

From sessions on time management, to study skills, to reading, writing and science, the Academic Support and Access Center hosts workshops throughout the semester to help you succeed in tons of different ways. If you find that you still don’t quite have a grasp on your time management, try to squeeze in a workshop before finals hit and they’re over for the semester!

Start thinking about a schedule for fall semester.

Registration for fall semester classes begins on April 1st, though the date each individual student registers varies depending on completed credits. (Check out which date you register here.) And since Peer Advisors love helping people with their schedules, it’s a good idea to run some ideas past one of us. Draft up a schedule with some back-up classes about a week before your registration date, and make an appointment to see us!

You’ll still need to be cleared by your academic advisor before being able to register. And don’t forget to check out the online professor evaluations through your AU Portal if you’re stuck!

Get organized before finals.

If you’re anything like me, you probably keep really organized for the first week of the semester before falling back into old habits – mixing up papers in the wrong folders, doing your math homework in your college writing notebook because you grabbed the wrong one, all that stuff. Set a couple hours aside on the weekend to get organized before finals hit and you’ve got tons of papers to sort through!

Get some major advice from alumni.

On Wednesday, March 25 in Letts Formal Lounge from 8:30-9:30 pm, the Peer Advisors will be hosting a meet and greet with some College of Arts & Sciences alumni. They’ll be discussing their major decisions, what they gained from their program, and how they’re applying what they’ve learned to their career now.

Pssst, there will be ice cream.

Send those winter clothes back home.

If you went home for spring break, this would have been a good time to take back some of your heavy winter clothes to make packing up and moving out a lot easier. But if you didn’t, it might be a good idea to run to UPS and send a box of clothes back home. You’d be surprised what a difference one box can make when move-out day comes.

Stock up on SPF for Quadding Season!

Now that the weather is warming up, the quad is going to be full – and for good reason. Make sure to run to CVS for some sunscreen to keep those harmful rays at bay.


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