Maximizing Your Spring Break Time


If we include Daylight Savings and weekends (but not snow days), there are 215 hours of Spring Break. The first rule of making it good is to not listen to how long that sounds. It’s a trick. You tell yourself it’s nine whole days, but if you aren’t careful, it will end up feeling like a long weekend. Here is how to maximize your Spring Break to avoid the Sunday night “where’d the time go?” feeling.


Do the things you normally procrastinate on, early.


If you get these out of the way early, you can at least accomplish something in all these hours you have. And, the farther you get into break, the less you’ll probably feel like doing them. So clean out that AU email, organize those papers, and call grandma. Before you know it, it will be Saturday night and your plane is in an hour.

Don’t waste the daylight.


There are definitely great things about sleeping in, but there are great things about getting an early start too. I’m talking getting started at 11am (it’s still vacation) instead of 2. If you start adventuring when all the fast food restaurants are still serving breakfast, you’ll have way more daylight to take advantage of. If you’re sticking around campus for the week, Spring Break is the perfect time to get those DC bucket list items checked off, so get out there.

Stay active.


Another good way to feel accomplished is to just get moving. Go for a walk, hit the gym, run around, do anything. You’ll burn calories, release endorphins, and feel better all around.

Don’t take the small things for granted.


It’s all about the moments. If you’re waiting for your partner in crime to get up and come over, don’t waste your time. Clean your room, organize your Netflix queue, swipe right on Tinder. And when they get over, enjoy your chill time – you’re with your buddy.

Homework happens.


Unfortunately, you’ll have things you want to get done and things you have to get done. Catch up on readings, study, maybe your midterm got pushed until after the break, all that stuff. Take it in stride, and chunk it up over the 215.

Take it easy.


You are on vacation, at least from school. Enjoy it! Yeah, you might pick up a few shifts or do homework or babysit, but you don’t have class! Watch B movies, lay around, hang out, sleep. That’s what this time is for: relaxing and having fun. So sit in your sweat pants and don’t be afraid to waste some time. After all, “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” – B. Russ (and he lived to be 98).


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