What It’s Like To Be a CAS Peer Advisor

With the spring semester underway, applications to be a CAS Peer Advisor just came out. And you might be considering filling out an application, but find yourself wondering: what exactly do Peer Advisors do?

Peer Advisors are student advisors. Which means we work closely with your academic advisors to help freshman and undeclared sophomores navigate academics and campus life at AU. We work in Battelle throughout the week, and students make an appointment to talk with us.

During our appointments, we go over things like the degree audit report, major exploration, and explain how gen eds and university requirements and all that good stuff works. We also help give students (like you) the resources they need to make the most out of their college experience – from referrals to the Counseling Center to the contact information for the clubs they want to get involved in, we can help any student find the people they need to talk to.

But is that it? Of course not! There’s so much more to being a Peer Advisor than just, well, advising. It’s an extremely rewarding experience, and as a peer, you get the opportunity to build so many personal and professional skills – even ones you never knew you had.

You get to make personal connections with students.

This is by far one of the most rewarding aspects of this program. It’s always an amazing thing to be able to meet new people and help them transition into college. Getting to see your students progress and grow through their freshman year and into their sophomore year is a fantastic experience.

You get to make connections with other programs on campus.

From the SIS Peer Advisors across the quad to other CAS offices across the hall, you’ll meet awesome staff, fellow student workers, and faculty that are working towards the same goal that you are in this position – making the best experience possible for students here at AU.

You get to plan events.

The Peer Advisors put on awesome events throughout the semester, such as the Fears With Peers event that we did last semester. Keep your eyes peeled for an awesome event coming this spring!

You get to be active on social media.

If social media is your thing, you get to gain awesome professional experience with it through managing the content posted on the CAS Peer Advisors Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You get to write for our academic blog, Peer to Peer. 

This very blog is managed by the Peer Advisors! You get great experience writing for a specific website and catering content towards an audience – one which you are a part of yourself.

You get to take initiative in making things happen.

This job isn’t just busy work in the times you’re not with students. There are always awesome things for you to do, initiate and take part in. And in doing so, you gain awesome professional experience learning  to lead rather than just how to follow instructions.

You get to make the program your own!

Each year, the Peer Advisors are a new group of students with different backgrounds and experiences which shape the program to be different each year. The program is never run the exact same way, because the Peers are what make the program what it is. Being a Peer Advisor means you get to see your opinions and viewpoint taken seriously and implemented in your genius ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Apply here!


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