Where To Get Coffee On Campus


As college students with full schedules, early morning classes, late-night labs, and work somewhere in between, we can get bogged down and groggy. Which is why here at American University, students value a cup of coffee to wake them up and get them moving. What could be more important than a hot cup o’ joe in the morning? Nothing. 

Eagle’s Nest


While you may only stop by Eagle’s Nest for your Subway sandwich or a quick granola bar in between classes, many people forget that off in the corner, past that wall of pick-and-mix, there’s coffee. However, since it’s not being constantly refilled, sometimes the pot is gone. And no one really likes to have to tell the employees that it needs to be refilled. It’s even worse if you’re in a rush.

The Dav


It is well-advised not to hit up the Dav in between classes. The line is probably out the door, flooding into SIS – which might be good because you don’t have to actually go in to see that you’re not going to get your cup of coffee in a timely manner.



Similar to the Dav, it’s not the best idea to head to Starbucks in between classes. The lines are long while everyone either just got out of class or is rushing to their next one. However, on the bright side, they’re always brewing a fresh pot of all their roasts – and you don’t have to wait even longer for a plain ol’ cup of coffee the way you might a latte. And they’ll always have the brew you’re looking for.



The best thing about getting coffee from TDR is the endless refills. The bad part? Their coffee mugs are tiny.



If you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee and the line at Starbucks is way too much for you, right next door is Megabytes.



The best thing about Einstein’s coffee is that it comes with your meal swipe – so by the time the end of the semester rolls around and you’re wiped clean of Eagle Bucks and dining dollars from all those trips to Starbucks, you can use a meal swipe to get a bagel and coffee.

The Mudbox


The Mudbox is the perfect place to stop for a quick drink while you’re having an intense study session in the library. And they’re open pretty late! Which is awesome when midterms roll around and you have to stay in club lib until the crack of dawn.

Battelle Atrium


Every Thursday from 3-5pm, you can find free coffee and dunkers in Battelle Atrium! And while you’re around, you may as well stop by Battelle 164 to say hi to your Peer Advisor!

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