Choosing a Major, According to Boy Meets World

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Choosing a major is seemingly one of the most important decisions of your entire life. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone’s telling you the pros and cons of having a certain major, but you might just really want to study something cool and interesting. And while choosing a major may feel like one of the most daunting experiences of being in college, if you approach it with genuine passion to learn more you’ll never make the wrong decision. 

Freshman year

There are so many majors to choose from! And so many general education classes you can take to explore those majors! How are you ever supposed to make a decision with so many things to choose from and when you just want to do any and everything under the sun?


Thinking about all these awesome options is too much to handle. You figure you’ll just wait a little while before making any decisions. Being undeclared is awesome.


Sophomore year

Everyone’s telling you that your major is going to determine the rest of your life!!! Suddenly the pressure kicks in for you to choose something to study. You start to rethink everything now that you’re more seriously considering narrowing down your options.


You feel like you need to declare your major RIGHT NOW, and it’s terrifying having to make a decision! You try to ignore this, but that only works for so long.


By spring semester, you meet some awesome professors in the disciplines you’re considering, and finally begin to feel a little better. You feel great having finally declared your major online, which is surprisingly simple considering how hard the decision was to make.


Junior year

FINALLY! You’re in the awesome classes that you want to take for your major, and life is great.


Buuuuut, these classes are definitely way more demanding. You almost want to go back to exploring.


But then again, even though these classes are a tad harder, they’re a lot more rewarding.
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And those professors that helped lead you to choose your major? You’re on a first-name basis.


Senior year!

It’s senior year! You’re ready to take on the world, even though you’re already planning on having senioritis the entire time.

But that’s not going to work — you forgot about this thing called Capstone. 

And even though this is the most demanding piece of academic work you’ve ever had to do and you complain about it more than anything else, you love it.


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