Snacks That Won’t Get Ruined in Your Backpack

We’ve all gotten the mid-day munchies. Maybe you’re not hungry enough to use a meal swipe, but you’re definitely craving a little something to make your stomach stop growling in between classes. You prep all morning with great snacks to keep with you and get you through the day, only to find they’ve been ruined in your backpack, or worse – they’ve ruined your books, too. 

Snacks to indulge in:

Non-chocolate granola bars

The great thing about granola bars is that they’re super convenient to carry around because they’re packaged and they come in a good portion size for snacking. The bad part about granola bars is a lot of them have chocolate, which might be fine during the beginning of spring semester when it’s cold outside, but if you end up in a hot building or your end up sitting right next to your classroom’s radiator then the whole thing could melt and just become one big mess when you go to dig in.

Opt for trail mix granola bars, which have tons of nuts and dried fruit for energy. Clif bars are also a great option, because they’re super filling and they’re already kind of soft, so you don’t have to worry about them crumbling up the way you would a Nature Valley bar.

Bagged veggies

A great, healthy option is a bag of veggies like celery or carrots – something that isn’t going to get squishy throughout the day. Veggies also pack a ton of fiber, and are made up of a lot of water, meaning you’ll be left feeling full without feeling bogged down.


Of course nuts are a great option! They easily fit in a plastic bag or Tupperware container, making it easy for you to transport in your bag without worrying about them getting ruined or ruining your books. Even if your plastic container spills open, you’re never going to have to worry about warping the pages on the $200 text book you just bought used from Amazon.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is a great, convenient way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to worry about your bag of grapes getting destroyed. Opt for small amounts of dried fruit as they’re more sugar-heavy than regular fruit, and mix them in with almonds for a healthy, balanced snack.


A favorite here in the Peer Advising office! The smaller nugget pretzels are great to pop in between tasks around campus. If you’re fancy, go for the ones with peanut butter in the middle. Those are the best.

Snacks to avoid:

Full meals

I once had a class with someone who opened a Tupperware container of eggs and sausage. During my morning class in a small classroom with closed windows, I couldn’t concentrate on the topic being discussed because my nausea was so distracting.

Not only do full meals have the potential to distract and disgust your classmates, but they’re also harder to carry around in your backpack. Burritos are delicious but probably won’t last very long against the spirals of your notebooks. Beans might be disastrous! If you’re not on a meal plan and you don’t have time during the day to head back to your apartment for a meal, there are plenty of fridges across campus that you can sneak some food into and keep there for the day. But make sure you remember where you put it.


Great source of protein! Not very backpack-friendly 😦


Wouldn’t want to be around when that spills everywhere, am I right?

Anything that will melt

Chocolate, mostly.

Anything that will get ruined

Be strategic with your fruit. Fruit is a great snack and most are very convenient to carry – bananas and apples are both great options, but depending on how your backpack is structured, might bruise easily. Oranges are delicious and easy to throw in your bag because of their skin, but if you have a hard time peeling them without the help of a knife this may not be the best option.

Think about how rough you are with your backpack, and go from there!

What’s your favorite backpack snack? Let us know in the comments!

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