7 Things at AU You Should Have Been Using Yesterday


Aside from the occasional laptop charger rental, AU has a ton of things to offer for students to use every day – for academics, convenience and fun. Make sure you learn more about all the awesome things AU can provide. I promise it will never be more than a short walk away from your dorm room. 


Your friend has a show and you listened to it the first time, but really you just forget WVAU radio is an option. Instead of listening to the same stuff on Spotify all the time or using up your skips on Pandora, bookmark WVAU and get in on some college radio. I mean, you are in college.

New Media Center

The NMC has a lot more than obscure documentaries that professors make you watch. They also have every media editing software anyone could need and at the front desk, and there are free screening passes for new movies showing around the District (for indie AND mainstream films).

Most important to me is the Home Use DVD collection. Okay, I have Netflix. Pretty much everyone has Netflix or at least a password (cough). But Netflix streaming is lacking and we all know it. Only 2 of IMDB’s top 10 movies are available for streaming on Netflix, while the New Media Center has 9/10 and costs $free.99/month.

CAS Peer Advisors

That’s us!

You’re a freshman or sophomore and you don’t think you need any help. We get that. We’ve been there. But, why not spend a few minutes with an upperclassman who’s done what you’ve done? Why go it alone when you don’t have to?  Learn from our experience and training.

“A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” – said some kind of pretentious guy, but you get the point.

Good Study Spaces

Depending on where you live and who you live with, studying in your room can be less than ideal. The library is good, but sometimes the regular floors are too loud and the silent floor is too silent. That Goldilocks study spot can be hard to find.

We won’t tell you our secret spots, but you can definitely find one that’s good for you and suited for your study needs. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can try to guess our favorites in the comments.

Literature Classes

I’m not just saying this because I’m in CAS. I honestly do not like books even though I wish I did. BUT, I still enjoyed the lit classes I’ve taken. It’s not like anyone is going to make you read solely Jane Austen the minute you click LIT when you register. If you want to read just black authors, just LGBTQ authors, just 21st century authors, or just science-fiction, you can most likely find a class to fit that. And, film studies is in the literature department, so you can take those amazing courses too!

The Career Center

Your résumé is free of typos, full of accolades, and it’s gotten you jobs. But are you sure it has everything employers, schools, and scholarships are looking for? The Career Center advisors and peer advisors know exactly what to say and can help you learn the best way to say it. Make sure your résumé doesn’t just stand up to the rest, but instead stands above the rest.

Course Reserves

If you don’t want to pay outrageous prices for textbooks, you don’t necessarily have to. Check to see if it’s available on course reserves in the library basement. Keep in mind all general education courses require the textbooks to be on reserve. If the book you’re looking for isn’t on reserve, ask your professor to make it available. They will probably make an effort if you ask.

Disclaimer: you may have to spend more time in the library in exchange for a free book, but last I checked that isn’t totally a bad thing.


Apparently there’s a sub-terrace level, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Let us know what else should be on this list. And make sure to follow us on all of the social media.
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