CAS Student Spotlight: Leo Zausen ’15

Leo is a senior who loves hanging out in Battelle Atrium (naturally), is a TA for SOCY-215 Critical Social Thought, and is a member of Students United Now and Battelle School of Psychoanalysis. Make sure to check out his show on WVAU, Garden of Leo, which airs Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm, and read his page to help him reach his goal of 100 views!

Hometown: Erie, PA
Major: Philosophy
Favorite place at AU: Easily Battelle Atrium. It is really catching on these days. Morale has never been higher. I’m convinced the renaissance ended when “science hours” took over Wednesday’s 3-5, but the future is bright. The Humanities Lab seems important – Dr. Kakoudaki is smart.
Best experience at AU: Transferring from SIS to SPA to CAS. It was a maturing process, kind of like realizing you wasted two semesters in credits memorizing fixed ideations of ideology and politics without having a “license to think.” Now, all my problems are solved in Dr. Tschemplik’s office.
Most frequently rented item from library: Das Kapital and Zizek and Media Studies. Interestingly, An SPA professor once called the latter trivial. His department’s lecture series is hosting an event next week called “Why Not Capitalism?”
Favorite Philosopher(s): Recently, Judith Butler, Jean Baudrillard and Theodor Adorno.
Best thing about major: The professors are often brutal, but they let students talk too much.
Favorite places in DC: Black Cat, Qualia Coffee and Second Story Books
Would you rather spend $4.00 on a small latte in the Dav or spend the rest of your life in MGC: $4 in latte, but tell them to make it an espresso, in individual cups.
Current obsession: Fassbinder Films and Psychoanalysis. Both ingested way too much cocaine but are standing critiques. Watch Fassbinder’s World on a Wire.
Something you want to accomplish before graduation: Break 100 views on (

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