CAS Student Spotlight: Bill Oldham ’15

bill oldham

Bill is a crusade-loving senior, co-chair of Student Media Board, and TA for a History of Britain class with Professor Giandrea. On Mondays from 6-8pm you can live stream his show on WVAU, Kerwin’s Korner II: Kerwin Never Dies

Hometown: Brick, New Jersey
Major: History
Favorite place to hang out on campus: Battelle Atrium, the last free space on campus–nay, in the world.  If there were one thing in this country that I would die for, it would be Battelle Atrium.
Best experience at AU: In the spring, I gave a paper at History Day, which is like the History Department’s own internal conference/party.  It was tons of fun to hang out with all of the professors and see what other people in the department had been working on all year.
Something you love about your major: I really like the fact that I’ve never taken a bad history class.  I’ve had really hard classes, really easy classes, and classes that I was only taking to fulfill a requirement, but I’ve learned something in all of them, and each of them was taught by a really cool and smart person.
Dream job: Probably like a history professor who gets to talk about the crusades all the time and sometimes goes on crusade who works in a castle that serves sushi and chocolate all the time.
Something you want to accomplish before graduating: Write a really good history thesis that I won’t be embarrassed to show to grad schools and
If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?: Bohemond d’Hauteville, Prince of Antioch.  His father’s favorite son, he was deprived of his holdings because his father had divorced his mother.  Spent the rest of his life trying to conquer the Byzantine Empire, carrying his dad’s work.  Became probably the most important crusader along the way. Founded the Principality of Antioch in Syria. Failed in his final attempt to take over Byzantium.  Died alone in Italy, a broken man, villainized by history.  Probably a pretty interesting guy.
Current obsession: Clearly, I think the crusades were pretty cool.  One thing that is cool: everybody thinks of knights on horseback when they think about the crusades, and there definitely were a bunch of knights to begin with.  But by the time they got to Jerusalem, most of the knights had died, and the ones that were left had already eaten their horses.
Coffee or tea?: Coffee.  I don’t really think that either tastes particularly good, but coffee at least gets me through my Communication classes.

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