Fears With Peers: Tell us what you were most afraid of coming to college


Halloween is almost here! Which means everyone is thinking about their costume, hoping not to go into diabetic shock on November 1st, and ABC Family is counting down the 13 Days of Halloween. It also means that midterms are coming to a close and writing essays are in full swing. It’s a pretty scary time of the year.

Which is why the College of Arts & Sciences Peer Advisors want you to tell us all about what you were most afraid of when you were coming to college. If you’re an upperclassman, we want to know all about what you were most afraid of as a freshman and some wisdom on how you overcame it.

Stop by MGC to tell us your greatest fears on Wednesday 10/22, Thursday 10/23 and Monday 10/29 from 2-4 pm. If you can’t make it to our table, feel free to tweet at @CASPeerAdvisors with the hashtag #FearsWithPeers!

We’ll be responding with advice to common – and maybe not so common – freshman fears through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Peer to Peer blog. Make sure to follow us and stay updated to see what advice the Peer Advisors have for you this spooky season!


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