CAS Student Spotlight: Hannah Nelson ’17

hannah nelson
Hannah Nelson is not only an awesome advising assistant, but she was also a fabulous participant in the Peer Advising program last year as a freshman! Follow in her successful step and make an appointment today.

Hometown: Ely, Minnesota
Major: American Studies
Why would you recommend your major to students considering the program?: I was drawn to the program because I have a wide range of interests, and with American Studies being an interdisciplinary program, my interests were all encapsulated in this one major. I felt that if I chose a more specific major I would be ignoring the other topics that I was passionate about. So, if you’re like me and can’t narrow down your interests or would rather explore a wide range of topics, interdisciplinary programs are a great option!
Hobbies/interests: I love learning about American History, I am an avid consumer of horror movies, and enjoy being out in nature more than anything.
Dream job: Doing something that leaves me fulfilled and happy!
Favorite place to eat on campus: TDR!
Best thing to do on the weekend in DC: Go out and explore! It is great to visit the monuments and museums, but it is also a blast to wander around the city and discover spots unknown to tourists.
Something you’re looking forward to: Visiting my sister in the Virgin Islands over Thanksgiving break!
Most embarrassing moment: Before a class presentation, I was eating lunch with a friend when she spilled milk on my pants. She was in the same class as me and couldn’t stop laughing when the teacher asked if I needed to excuse myself before I presented. Hooray from awkward moments!
Favorite animal: Sharks
Photo: 1

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