Stages of Eating on Campus, According to Mean Girls


Eating food on campus is easy. Finding food to eat on campus, though, can be hard.

“But how is that?” you ask, “There’s TDR?” Let us explain in terms we can all understand: the universal language of Mean Girls.


At first, you rarely eat anything outside of MGC. Make that TDR, it’s safe and familiar. Meal swipe, please.


Then, you venture out. And every weekend involves stocking up at Eagle’s Nest.


Eventually, the campus options aren’t enough, and you try to shop for yourself…


….But that can be rough.


Before you know it, you’re an upperclassmen with no meal plan.


So you make friends with freshmen because they have meal swipes. A little bribe goes a long way, of course.


But they’re not always around. Fortunately, it’s okay to bring your lunch. Unlike grade school.


You’ll save money and the time you would otherwise be spending waiting in line at Subway. Plus, bag lunches are in right now.


Especially because doing this too often…


…Could lead to the ol’ Freshman 15. So, the occasional trip to Jacob’s Fitness Center is well-advised.


But most importantly…



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