CAS Student Spotlight: Rebecca Downey ’17

Becca Downey

Rebecca Downey is an advising assistant in the CAS Advising Office. You can stop by to say hi when she’s working the front desk!

Hometown: Schuylkill Haven, PA
Major: Public Health and a minor in Education Studies
Favorite thing about your major: Public Health is a very versatile major that allows me to pursue a variety of interests and career paths.
Involvement on campus: Tour Coordinator for AU Ambassadors, member of the Public Health Association, E-Board member of United Against Inequalities in Disease.
Dream job: Sign language interpreter. My current post-graduation plan is to enter into a master’s of Sign Language Education at Gallaudet University.
Hobbies/interests: Giving tours of AU, learning American Sign Language, binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix, Disney anything enthusiast, lover of anything pink and sparkly.
Role model: My friends are my role models.
Something not many people know about you: I figure skate and do not like vanilla ice cream!
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate raspberry milkshakes from Z-Burger.
Favorite TV show: The Following


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