Hidden Gems on Campus!

Looking for a new place to study with no distractions or hangout with friends? Check out this list of spots around campus that are favorites among your CAS Peer Advisors! Enjoy!

The Amphitheatre


 One of my favorite and one of the most enchanting corners of campus has always been the amphitheatre. Sandwiched between Hughes, Leonard and the sports annex, the amphitheatre gave me the great outdoors for a moment whenever I felt stuck in the city. It especially helped when I first transferred to AU from another college on the water. Some days I really missed the outdoorsy feel of my old campus and escaping to the community garden or to the green open space of the amphitheatre really helped me to take a deep breath and think more clearly on stressful and busy days. 

Check it out!  Maybe it will provide the solace you need to get through your own tough days and even if you don’t need a breather it is a great place to eat lunch, read, study or just chat with friends (especially when campus starts to thaw this spring). – Elaina Hundley

Battelle’s Atrium


It can be hard to find a quiet place to study while you eat or even kill time between classes catching up on the latest episodes of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, but I tend to head to Battelle’s atrium.  It’s well lit, spacious and has new furniture making it a great spot to concentrate on even the hardest of readings! Enter Battelle from the quad and walk straight back, it will be on your right, you can’t miss it! – Whitney Livingston

Centennial Hall Nooks


Freshman year I looked far and wide for a quiet and secluded place to study; a place to put my feet up, blast my music into my earphones and get lost in my Anatomy and Physiology textbook. The Centennial Hall Nook, which is located at the two ends of the Centennial Hall (off of Anderson Hall), is definitely worth checking out if you need a place to hit the books and limit distractions.

*Also, quick shout out to the Hatch in Leonard. If you haven’t been, you should definitely check it out. It’s an awesome place to hang out with friends, play board games, and do light reading – – and it’s usually EMPTY! – Emily Cea

Bender Benches


My favorite spot on campus is the group of green metal benches right outside of the entrance to Bender Arena. There really is nothing better than stopping at Megabytes before class in the spring and melting into one of these incredibly comfortable benches to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Plus the gardens behind the amphitheater come to life in the spring which makes my far-too-early morning panini and cup of coffee just that much better. – Marcus Del Rio


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