Clubs, sports, activities, Oh My!

Click on the picture above to check out the American University Student Activites Website

Due to the wide range of clubs, sports, activities, and associations on campus, it can be extremely overwhelming at first when you’re deciding what you’d like to get involved in on campus. For this reason it’s great to take advantage of the student involvement fairs, which come around every semester. The involvement fairs allow you to put yourself on an email list so that you can constantly be updated with the groups’ most recent meetings or activities while also allowing you to interact with some of the other students who are in the club.

 Since the student activity fair only comes around once or twice a semester, it’s also great to do some research on your own while also staying on top of the Today@AU updates. Browsing through Facebook to see what some of your friends are involved in and searching key words with “American University” are both great ways to track down activities that you might be interested in. Another great way to find out more about clubs and activities on campus is to schedule an appointment with your peer advisor during office hours and ask them about their experiences with different activities on campus. By doing this we can help you find activities that are right for you based on your interests and what you’re passionate about.

As a sophomore I can only say great things about the clubs and activities on campus. I’ve witnessed leadership through club meetings, sportsmanship at games, and friendships made through engaging in Greek life. If I’ve learned anything at all from the activities and clubs on campus, this is a great way to not only build connections and relationships, but also to open yourself up to your past or present interests.


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