The Best Spots to Explore in DC!

“It took me a while to find some of the unique areas of DC but once I visited I fell in love with the city. Finding your favorite places could make DC feel like home. You may have seen the monuments by now and maybe tried some restaurants in Tenley or even seen the museums, but in Eastern Market there is an incredible book shop called Capitol Hill Books; they sell used books for great prices and their crammed book shelves create a charming and chaotic atmosphere. Go to the actual Eastern Market Flea Market/Food and Art Market, open Tuesdays through Fridays 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 7 am to 6pm and then Saturdays from 9 to 5, if you haven’t already as well, it is definitely worth it. I would also recommend checking out the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Centre, although it is located in Silver Spring, it has indie films and foreign film showings. This is their website, There are several other great film venues in DC, including Bethesda Rowe theatre. All of these are a little more out of the way than some of the regular DC hang outs but they have a lot to offer.”
– Elaina Hundley

“While there are plenty of great restaurants in the city and places to visit, what I’ve missed most these past couple years is the nature. It’s great to get out in the city but what many don’t realize is that DC is different from other major cities because there are these hidden paths and parks that make it great to escape the cement covered landscape and constant noises of traffic.  A couple of my favorite spots are the dog park (the entrance is on New Mexico and Nebraska–2 blocks from AU), the running path (walking away from AU the entrance is off of Massachusetts, past the Berks on the left), and lastly Rock Creek Park (accessible by bus or bike). I always feel refreshed afterwards and it definitely makes for a good study break!”
– Whitney Livingston

“I have found DC to an incredibly fun city to explore and enjoy since I arrived last year. Some key highlights of the city for me include Adams Morgan and Eastern Market. Adams Morgan has just a plethora of exotic restaurants, interesting stores and a few tattoo parlors for those that are interested. Eastern Market is a large farmers market on the Orange Line where you can get quite possible the most incredible Cuban sandwich along with a bunch of other things. So take advantage of this great city and find your own favorite places!”
– Marcus Del Rio

“One of the main reasons I was so attracted to American University when I was a senior in high school was because of the awesome city life. Living in such a historical city, students are usually eager to explore the exhibits and galleries (Smithsonian’s). While this is a great option for something to do on a weekend, it’s not all DC has to offer. I encourage students to look into the smaller events that are going on all around the city. Some of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing have been going to the DC farmers markets (fresh chocolate croissants are a MUST), walking around and exploring Dupont’s restaurant scene (just be sure to check prices $$ before you go!), the annual cherry blossom festival, and checking out the embassies (Embassy Open House Tour in the Spring). Feel free to ask your peer advisors for even MORE awesome things to do in this incredible city by scheduling an appointment with us or sending us an email (!”
– Emily Cea


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